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9 thoughts on ““The Central Park Lounge and Buccaneers MC Club” Harlem 1988

  1. 110th Central Park North. Up on 111st was The Black Unicorn Cycle Club that owned the Coma Dust spot on 111st near 7th ave. The entire area is no more. Harlem is not Harlem anymore, it’s a been rebuilt with a different mind set. Going “accross 110st” is the same as going across 86st. Not much difference. Great photo though…….

    1. The black unicorns never had or was associated with the drug gang coma crew the black unicorns was a neighborhood biker crew who did alot for the area they did bike rallys AZ ND helped the area churches so who ever is writing this piece is misinformed .I know for a fact because I was a member and hung around them since the age of 13yrs old so go back and get ur in formation correct

      1. Would you be able to provide more history on the club, like when they were established and who founded the club.

  2. Young person was right the black unicorns was a community biker Club who took care of the community blacks and Hispanics respected them and all others respected them they were club that kept to themselves never bother nobody and took care of the community me as a Puerto Rican growing up in that neighborhood I respect and admire the black unicorns where are you Brothers God bless you all Jesse from the West Side Familia

  3. Black Unicorns and the Black Falcons were the neighborhood MC’s. They were all good brothers that loved to have a good time. I miss the old Harlem: Wilts, Wells, Flash Inn, Smalls Paradise, Renny etc. If you wasn’t there you wouldn’t know!

  4. I was in the Black Unicorn back then,which was started in the Early seventies the original club location was on Amsterdam ave and moved to lenox and 110th and 111st about around early 74..There are a few of us still around, the original president was kill in 1974 in a corvette accident on the major deacon expressway in Dec 1974 His name was Cakeman,(He had one of the biggest funeral harlem Fevey had But the president that took over after is still alive and living in the Harlem área…..I and we have the whole story and (WHAT A STORY IT IS)

  5. Oh and one more thing to set the récord straight The Black Unicorn was not involved nor did they own the (COMA DUST spot on 7th ave) or no other Dust spot……………………………….

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