Black and White Street Photographs of New York City by Matt Weber

December 2, 2016

Michael Jordan’s Secret Club

©Matt Weber

November 30, 2016

Harlem 1985

Beautiful signage, but I wasn’t thrilled by the BBQ. Then again, what do I know?


©Matt Webersherman-bbq-fullstore-1985-copy

November 22, 2016

Anti-Apartheid Protest 1985

©Matt Weberfree-south-africa-1985-copy

November 19, 2016

“Bye Bye White Tower” 1985

©Matt Weberwhite-tower-1985-copy

November 14, 2016

“The Deuce” 1985

This has to have been the smallest “Multiplex Theater” of all time! Yes, I can print this in all sizes at very affordable prices…

©Matt Weber42-little-porn-theater-1985-copy

November 7, 2016

NYC 1988

This old lady would sleep on the corner of 86th & Broadway, and one night she used her “Red Apple” shopping bag to create a pillow. I have recently seen a new wave of homelessness which rivals the 1980’s, hit New York. This time it’s mostly runaways from other towns who are young, white, and addicted to heroin. It is not an easy time to walk down the street…

©Matt Weberbargain-day-homeless-1988-copy

November 2, 2016

“The Deuce” Winter 1989

©Matt Weber42-snow-night-naked-gun-1989-copy

October 27, 2016

NYC 1988

©Matt Weberposter-eyes-1988128-copy

October 21, 2016

The Bronx 1986

©Matt Weberpostzerega-coke-buttons-bronx-1986-copy

October 14, 2016

“$25 SUITS” NYC 1985

©Matt Weber25-suits-8000-1985-copy

October 12, 2016

WALL St. 1988

bmt-man-1988-print-copy©Matt Weber

September 18, 2016

Just North of Times Sq. 1985

times-porn-corruption-1986-copy©MATT WEBER

September 17, 2016

FORD 1988

This decal goes back a long time…

©Matt Weberford-dealer1988-copy

September 15, 2016

NYC 1988

Interesting juxtaposition here…

©Matt Weberfalse-profit-torn-poster-1988-copy

September 9, 2016

“Death Becomes You” 2006

Look at the poison leaching out onto the cement. Everywhere I look, I still see teenagers  smoking and I find it hard to believe. When I was a kid of 13, smokes were 45¢ a pack. Fast forward 13 years and I can not finish a cigarette. My lymph nodes started burning so bad after a couple of puffs, that I had throw the cigarettes away. Maybe I was lucky that my lungs were shot…

All Photos © Matt Weber


August 29, 2016

Sharp Dressed Man

©Matt Weber 2016**8th-WellDressedMan-Bus copy

August 27, 2016

God & Guns 2016

What makes you feel safer?

©Matt Weber**42-God-Police-Long-Guns! copy

August 15, 2016

The New Yorker Theater’s Demise 1985

©Matt WeberNewYorker-Demo-RosenBros-1985 copy

August 11, 2016

“The Deuce” 1985

©Matt Weber42d-SUBWAY-Entrance-1986 copy 2

August 4, 2016

Metropole GO-GO 1985

This is one of the first pictures of mine that I really love! A virtual time machine to a part of New York we all know pretty well…

©Matt WeberTimes-Metropole-Go-Go-Taxi-1985 copy

August 2, 2016


©Matt WeberTimes-XXX-closed-1985 copy

July 26, 2016

Greenwich Village 2016

©Matt Weber**gay-pride-BUS-Primer copy

July 17, 2016

“Candy-Toys” Ozone Park, Queens 1985

You can almost hear someone blasting some Doo-Wop from their ’57 Chevy…Almost.

©Matt WeberCokeButtons-Queens-1985 copy

July 15, 2016

Zerega Ave. Bronx 1985

A Kodachrome scan of one of the best examples of a pre-war candy store…

©Matt Weberpost=Zerega-Coke-Buttons-2-1985 copy

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