If by some chance car wrecks or the things they destroy are your cup of tea, this image can be blown up poster size and sold as a gift or decoration on short notice…


©Matt Weber

5 thoughts on “Newsstand Canal Street 1986

  1. It doesn’t seem to be a complete loss…someone got away with a couple boxes of m&ms.

    Would love to know the story behind this wreck…hopefully nobody was injured in the process. I’m assuming it happened in the late evening hours?

    I just got back from NYC, Matt, and although you may already know about these events, I thought I’d recommend them just in case:

    1. Weegee exhibit at the ICP
    2. Avedon exhibit at the Gagosian Gallery
    3. Marilyn Monroe exhibit by Lawrence Schiller at the Steven Kasher Gallery (with Streisand, Redford, and Newman photos by Cecil Beaton and others in the rear gallery)
    4. Leslie Lohman Gallery…The Chelsea Piers in the 1970s & 80s
    4. The film Ordinary Miracles….a documentary about the NY Photo League showing at the Quad Cinema on 13th Street

    The weather in NYC this past week presented some wonderful opportunities to take advantage of these events…and they all had a very high “WOW” factor for me personally for one reason or another. I had to visit the Gagosian twice because I never thought I’d see a life-sized version of Avedon’s Warhol photos in person.

  2. The use of black and white is very effective for this type of a NYC wreck photo. It leaves many unanswered questions and I also wonder how it happened. The empty case of M&Ms is a focal point in the wreck. That was the year I graduated high school. Excellent work!

  3. Enjoy seeing these medium format pictures from the eighties. That Pentax must have been a mother to haul around.
    Anyway, consistent, great documents of that time in NYC.

  4. Greg, I did see the MM exhibit and also the Weegee one…The film sounds well worth seeing…Thanks!
    Michael…The Pentax was heavy but sitting on the front seat of my cab, I used it sparingly…

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