Septemeber 15th 2001

It was only four days since the massacre and at first I was appalled and wanted to give some him some lip, but I also understand the fear of not being able to provide for one’s family. Tough call whether or not to give him a pass, while all the bodies were still burning…

All Photos © Matt Weber

September 11th 2001

When I was fourteen I took the test for Stuyvesant high school and actually passed. I took the easy way out and went to Music & Art because I knew the academic demands would be much less. These kids were most likely from “Stuy” and I can’t blame them for being happy. At that age it’s possible to be happy under almost any circumstances. As you get older I think every bad bit of bad news, whether it be political or just another senseless bombing in the middle east, has a way of getting under your skin. The advice I often get is “If you can’t change it, don’t worry about it” If everyone felt that way, nothing would get done. I don’t know how I would have reacted to 9/11 when I was fifteen. I might have been like all the “tough guys” who wanted to “Nuke ’em All”.  I’m proud that I haven’t become a conservative guy in my old age. It’s so easy to do…

All Photos © Matt Weber

September 11th 2001 10:28 AM

I sincerely apologize if this picture causes any pain to anyone, but I have decided to post the photos I took that morning and I realize that they can be very depressing. There is a need for discussion about what lead to the massacre and everything which happened as a result of the attacks that day. I am probably not capable of neutral and sensible debate, so please don’t expect me to see the Saudi point of view. I realize that we had military bases in Saudi Arabia and that there is a sacred black cube there which may contain Allah himself, but I never want 3,000 people to be incinerated, no matter who they are…

All Photos © Matt Weber

New Jersey 9/16/01

I had to shoot a wedding on the Sunday after 9/11 and needless to say the mood was somber. The couple had contemplated postponing the ceremony because of the massacre, but in the end decided not to. I guess it was the catch phrase that everyone was using…”If you don’t live your life as you want to, then they win”

All Photos © Matt Weber

“Collateral Damage” September 11th 2001

A friend of mine mentioned that there was this action movie due to hit the theaters soon after 9/11 and wondered if a lot of people went out to see it. I don’t think this picture is very special to look at, but the thought process behind it is far from routine. I had just watched the tallest building in New York collapse twenty minutes earlier, and the Empire State Building had always been my favorite. In the crazy unthinkable events of that morning, I thought that another jumbo jet would be zeroing in on the ESB at any minute. Fortunately, that never transpired, but you can see how a completely frazzled mind would think that I better take one last shot of that amazing edifice…

One more thing, the movie poster reads “Veteran firefighter’s wife and child killed in bomb blast!”

All Photos © Matt Weber

September 15th 2001

I don’t know if this picture works, but I was trying to say that, even though the world had been changed in many ways, life for the homeless guy with the flag and his sleeping comrade would continue as if nothing happened. As it turned out, people in general were a lot more caring after 9/11 for awhile, and then all of sudden it was back to normal. The greedy went back to making money big time, and then the bubble burst and the greedy fuckers came with their hands outstretched looking for bailouts, which of course they received.

For a New York minute, it had seemed that things might actually get better after 9/11…Everyone felt bad for us and then, lo and behold, the worst president in history decided to use the massacre to his advantage…

All Photos © Matt Weber