For the past 25 years I didn’t know that I had this negative. If I’d been shooting digital maybe I would have deleted this one because I didn’t like the architecture at the time. Never press delete on your modern gizmo filled camera…

This is the picture I took seconds earlier and preferred for the past quarter century…

All Photos © Matt Weber

6 thoughts on ““Rest in Peace” 1985

  1. What a gem.

    And yes. I agree. Never press that delete button unless: there’s really nothing there.

    Go home and do your backups etc. And then if you have to delete stuff that just doesn’t have any artistic possibilities but keep backup just in case.

    I also have done this shot, at a time when the towers were already gone. But this is so much better as you have the rectangles being repeated in the wtc.

    1. Thanks Dave…Some images will never have potential, but may still be reminders of things attempted and lessons learned.
      Oh no, I’m starting to sound like Confucius…

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