I sincerely apologize if this picture causes any pain to anyone, but I have decided to post the photos I took that morning and I realize that they can be very depressing. There is a need for discussion about what lead to the massacre and everything which happened as a result of the attacks that day. I am probably not capable of neutral and sensible debate, so please don’t expect me to see the Saudi point of view. I realize that we had military bases in Saudi Arabia and that there is a sacred black cube there which may contain Allah himself, but I never want 3,000 people to be incinerated, no matter who they are…

All Photos © Matt Weber

3 thoughts on “September 11th 2001 10:28 AM

  1. I’m glad that you make this image, and I’m glad that you posted it; especially now when there are actually people who are beginning to look at that day as just another bad day in human history that we’ll all just get over and move on from. History has told me that sometime you have to show a depressing image to get at least a few people to care about something that’s truly important again.

    The best to you! Keep posting!

  2. I have to say, this is one of the most dramatic shots I’ve seen of this day. It’s chilling to say the least.

    I remember watching the towers being built when I was in my early teens. It seemed like it took forever, only to be leveled in half a days time.

    The politics behind all this will be debated for years to come. Unfortunately it’s nothing new to human history… Capable of so much development and destruction. Reaching for the stars one day, crawling in the gutter the next.

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