The few people who have seen this picture seem to like it. I still feel very conflicted posting these because the people out there (in cyberspace) who lost friends or family will never fail to be saddened by these images. Again, I’m sorry if I have upset anyone…

All Photos © Matt Weber

9 thoughts on “Tuesday September 11th 2001

  1. It’s a very moving photo…the mundane, quiet occurrence of a jogger taking a breather juxtaposed with the colossal horror…it tells quite a story…one of the many millions that day.

  2. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with telling stories. Stories of war, disaster or happiness. The subject doesn’t matter. All stories should be told and telling/showing the truth can never be wrong. That’s the only way to go forward.
    You can’t ignore events or try to keep yourself from remembering them for the fear you might upset or offend someone.

  3. I like this image a lot. Not because of the towers crashing down, but because of the image. It’s surreal, almost unreal. And that’s the best you can do as a street photographer, working with reality as your basic building material (forgive me the allusion). It’s certainly one of the best images i’ve seen of 9/11.

  4. after all this time (and i know i speak for so many people) our thaughts from the uk are still of what you had to endure on this day and the aftermath of pain felt by all..the reason why i wanted to post was mainly the feeling of helplessness of the guy sitting on the wall unable to comprehend what is happening and being so far from the city which he is part of,,also the woman in the background only just aware.. an amazing capture of emotion and devestation that echoed around the world..

  5. Thanks Hunty, It was a horrible day and I think that unfortunately there will be more. Religion just gets carried away by a few fanatics and the recent Koran burning is an example of how sick these people are. I don’t condone burning a book that people love, but to savagely murder people who had nothing to do with the burning as revenge, shows the depth of the hatred between the two religions…

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