I was surprised to discover that my Coney Island Hoodies were selling in Russia. I asked him if I could take a snapshot for my archives and he whipped out his I-phone. I-phone photography is becoming very popular and should not be dismissed by anyone. Joel Sternfeld who is one of America’s premier large format photographers, recently published a book of his I-phone photos taken in Dubai. I think I-phones and other cell phone cameras will reach superb quality one day. Will that hurt camera sales? Yes.

More Zoo York: https://mattweberphotos.wordpress.com/2010/05/21/zoo-york-2010/

All Photos © Matt Weber

4 thoughts on “Zoo York Again 2010

  1. Matt! You have photo hoodies on the market? You’re bigger than I realized…but at the same time…really not surprised either. Congrats.

  2. Greg, They sold out and Zoo York wouldn’t reissue them because they like to be “Fresh” Since then Zoo York got purchased by a Chinese corporation, and I hope to still do something with them down the road…

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