Black and White Street Photographs of New York City by Matt Weber

November 9, 2016


I needed to post someone having fun, you know being happy!

©Matt Weberconey-beach-happy-girl-flanked-copy

November 6, 2016


©Matt Weberconey-july-4th-candy-apple-family-copy

November 4, 2016

Coney Island 2016

©Matt Weberconey-july-4th-stink-shirts-over-face-copy

November 3, 2016

July 4th at Coney Island

©Matt Weberconey-patriotic-onelegged-lady-copy

October 2, 2016

Coney Island 2016

©Matt Weberconey-july-4th-scarface-copy

September 2, 2016

Under the Boardwalk 1986

Thirty years ago, a lot of the action was under the boardwalk. I wish I had photoraphed down there but you never what you’ll miss, till it’s gone… ©Matt WeberConey-Boardwalk-over-Under-1986 copy

August 16, 2016

On The Beach

©Matt Weber 2016**Coney-Wonder-Mango-Girl! copy

August 10, 2016


**Coney-July-4th-Surf-Ave-Hand-Tattoo copy©Matt Weber

July 16, 2016

“Lost & Found” 2010

I spent almost an hour searching for this picture. When I took it, I felt that the lack of critical focus was a big problem, so I didn’t segregate the image in a way in which I could easily find it. The UV filter had fogged up leaving only the young Latina in focus. Yet despite the softness of the picture, I have had this one in the back of mind for the past six years. I finally took the time to find it, and I’m no longer worried about the lack of razor sharp detail that was lost. I’m just glad the image is no longer lost…

©Matt WeberConey-DancingBeachMom copy-2

July 11, 2016

“BOX” Summer of ’09

©Matt Weber*Coney-BOX!!! copy

June 26, 2016

Coney Island 2016

©Matt Weber**COney-Old-Timer-Tattoo copy

June 1, 2016

“Searching for Joe Aguirre”

©Matt Weber**COney-Buxom-Boobs-OneLegged! copy

April 22, 2016

Coney Island 2009

©Matt WeberConeyMuseumBlizzard-2009 copy

April 1, 2016

Coney Island 1986

Call CO-6-3161 for buffet catering…

©Matt WeberNathan's -1986 copy

March 5, 2016

Summer of ’15

©Matt Weber**Coney-Pier-View-Beach-KISS! copy

March 1, 2016

“Free the Nipple” Meets the “Coney Island Sea Rabbit” 2015

©Matt Weber**Times-Free-The-Nipple-coney-rabbit-3 copy

February 26, 2016

Back to the Future!

Been scanning all my old work and sometimes I need to remember what century I’m living in…

©Matt Weber*Coney-surf-Para-Black-Beauty copy

January 31, 2016

“In From the Storm” 2009

©Matt Weber*Coney-InFromTheStorm-2k

January 17, 2016

Summer of ’09

©Matt WeberConey-LifeGuardsBabe-2k-2009

January 15, 2016

Summer of ’07

©Matt WeberConey-FencePeople copy

January 14, 2016

Summer of ’15

**Coney-Broken-Bikini copy©Matt Weber

January 8, 2016

Coney Island 2004

Coney-BeachBall-4k copy©Matt Weber

January 1, 2016

Summer of ’15

I am a wuss. No polar bear stuff for me. I like August and September when the water is nice and warm. There are other reasons too…

©Matt Weber*Coney-Buxom-Para-Babe copy

December 22, 2015

Coney Clams (Kodachrome) 2007

I never liked clams, but to each his own…

©Matt WeberConey-RGB-ClamJuice copy

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