“My Last Roll of Kodachrome” 2008

Progress is hard to swallow sometimes. Even though I’ve shot black & white film for a very long time, once or twice a year I’d shoot a roll of Kodachrome just for posterity’s sake. When Kodak stopped manufacturing K-64 it came as no surprise to anyone, but hurt almost anyone who’d been raised on the stuff. It wasn’t a high contrast “big color” type of film, but it was the closest thing to reality that one could put in a camera. It had a long run and now it lives in our scrapbooks and 8mm home movies from our past…

All Photos © Matt Weber

“Occupy Wall Street” 2011

I’m so far behind on my developing film, it really isn’t funny. The broken wrist set me back a few months, and I usually avoid the darkroom during the summer for obvious reasons. I don’t remember taking this picture, but I’m very happy I did. Something made me push the button, and I doubt it was her clenched fist. I think this one depicts the tension felt between the Police and the People fairly well, without actually capturing any of the violence which ensued…

©Matt Weber

Zoo York Again 2010

I was surprised to discover that my Coney Island Hoodies were selling in Russia. I asked him if I could take a snapshot for my archives and he whipped out his I-phone. I-phone photography is becoming very popular and should not be dismissed by anyone. Joel Sternfeld who is one of America’s premier large format photographers, recently published a book of his I-phone photos taken in Dubai. I think I-phones and other cell phone cameras will reach superb quality one day. Will that hurt camera sales? Yes.

More Zoo York: https://mattweberphotos.wordpress.com/2010/05/21/zoo-york-2010/

All Photos © Matt Weber