Black and White Street Photographs by Matt Weber

December 18, 2014

“No Reagan” Sign 1989


December 15, 2014

“Der Rote Lastwagon” 2014

*BigDaddys-RED-Truck-der rote lastwagen-2014 copyAmazing how one picture can change everything.
This one almost did just that. I saw a man with a red backpack adjusting his yarmulke, when suddenly “Der Rote Lastwagon” made its fateful left turn. Suddenly the Bechers became seekers and had me over to their house, full of other important Dusseldorfians. Shore swore it was not a bore. Ladd was glad. Bram said Damn! Stuart said screw it, and almost stopped taking pictures. Gilden left the building. Peters said it was sweeter. Turpin started chirping. Blake said it was Jake. Eric became hysteric. Harper said it was sharper. Poor Vivian, almost came back from oblivion. Meyerowitz hired it for Bystander. Even Colberg called to apologize for bashing “street” for so many years…
But then Frank said it stank and it was over.

December 12, 2014

Breakfast on Broadway 2014

**BigDaddys-Window-World-B&W-2014 copy©Matt Weber

December 8, 2014

Upper West Side 2014

Smoke-Stare-Cigarette-95-2014 copy©Matt Weber

December 3, 2014

Lower East Side 1989 (Who is this Photographer?)

beckerman-ilford-matt-weberCould I have taken a picture of Dave Beckerman 16 years before I met him and became good friends with one of New York’s most dedicated photographers?


Dave says no, so he remains unknown, like the famous soldier…


©Matt Weber

December 1, 2014


2-Handtrucks!-2014 copy©Matt Weber 2014

November 30, 2014

Bowling at the Beacon 1989

beacon-bowling=alley©Matt Weber

November 22, 2014

NYC 1988

JFK-BarberShop-88Hard to believe that its already been 51 years since JFK was assassinated…

©Matt Weber

Eric Smith 1950-2014 R.I.P.

EricHomelessNight-1995 copyThere is a very touching article on how some of the people who knew Eric paid to have him buried properly in Harlem…

©Matt Weber 1995

November 21, 2014


PIZZA-Man-Flanked!-2014 copy©Matt Weber

November 17, 2014


subway-old-nYC-matt-weberEven though it wasn’t the most comfortable bench in the world, I’d like to have it (and the sign) in my house!

©Matt Weber

November 16, 2014

Everyone’s a Comedian!

black-white-cops-nyc©Matt Weber 1990

November 15, 2014

Stopped 2010

bus-stuck-blizzard-nyc©Matt Weber

November 14, 2014

Union Sq. 2014

nyc-cop-sailor©Matt Weber

November 13, 2014

The Deuce 1985

porn-42d-nyc-1980s-xxxfilmsCheck out the $39 white disco suit!

©Matt Weber

November 11, 2014

JFK Airport 1988

jfk-airport ©Matt Weber

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