Black and White Street Photographs of New York City by Matt Weber

September 7, 2016

Recycler 2016

I read that the city is thinking about prosecuting the people who make their humble living recycling cans & bottles for 5¢. Apparently the city needs the cash to balance their books…

©Matt Weberrecycler-amsterdam-copy

September 5, 2016

Make America Great Again

©Matt WeberMake-America-Great-Again-Homeless-2016 copy

August 30, 2016

South of CBGB’s 1989

©Matt WeberCBGB'S-FIRE-BUMS-1989 copy

July 14, 2016

Untitled 2016

©Matt Weber **8th-Torn-Shirt-suit copy

May 22, 2016

Times Sq. 2014

©Matt Weber**42d-Angry-Dirty-Woman-Tattoo-Face!!-bw-2014 copy 2

May 7, 2016

NYC 1988


Another unintentional diptych…©Matt WeberDRUGS-Broome-Crew-1988 copy

April 28, 2016

NYC 1994

Where-I-Lay-My-Hat-is-Home-1994 copy

Wherever I lay my hat…

©Matt Weber

March 7, 2016


The homeless population is now worse than it was in the 1980’s!

Empire-Homeless-Shanty-1989 copy©Matt Weber

February 24, 2016

“Ground Zero” 1988

©Matt Weber%22GroundZero%221988 copy

February 19, 2016

NYC 1988 (New Scan)

©Matt WeberHomelessFoot-1988 copy

January 30, 2016

Untitled 2016

©Matt WeberSub-New-years-Bench copy

January 20, 2016

The 59th Street Bridge 1985

There was a small colony of homeless men who lived on the bridge in ’85-86…©Matt Weber59stBridge-Napper-1985 copy

January 19, 2016

Veselka 1989

©Matt WeberVeselka-Bum-1989-8000 copy

January 12, 2016

Homeless in Manhattan 1990

©Matt WeberHomeless-Subway-Grating-1990 copy

December 25, 2015

Christmas 1988

©Matt WeberChristmas-88-4k copy

December 23, 2015

Untitled 1988

©Matt Weber*3-Suits-Homeless-1988 copy

December 7, 2015

Self Titled 2015

©Matt Weber
**BELIEF-Pray-Homeless-3 copy

November 29, 2015

“Homeless and Fearless” 2015

They woke up a homeless man by kicking the box that he was sleeping in and insulting him, and he grabbed a homemade weapon of some sorts and took after the group.

Then I watched the group back down as they realized their joke had gone too far. The last time I saw one guy stand up to this many guys without displaying fear was in 1979…
**Homeless--Fight-3 copy 2 **Homeless--Fight-weapon! copy

November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 1987

©Matt Weberthanksgiving

October 16, 2015

“The Sun Hotel” 1985

Could this have been the same hotel which is now known as the Sunbright Hotel?

©Matt WeberSUN-HOTEL-RGB-1985 copy

October 9, 2015

Columbus Circle 2015

©Matt Weber*Green-Beard copy

August 29, 2015

6th Ave. 2015

*Cop-Arms copy©Matt Weber

August 23, 2015

“JOE-145” 1989

JOE-145-Bum-1989 copy©Matt Weber

August 15, 2015


I’m not looking for a certain type of person when I go out to shoot. Every now and then I take a picture which bothers me to no end. This one may have been best left in a folder, but it does bring up a few questions about mental health and how people are treated in New York, and of course America….©Matt Weberdrug-addict-meth

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