Back in the 1970s the stretch on 8th Ave. north of the port authority, was called “The Minnesota Strip” because of the large amount of runaway teens (from the mid-west) that would get off the bus and wander up 8th Ave. Often these kids were preyed upon instantly as they got off the Greyhound bus by the local pimps, and within days they were selling their bodies for their new employers…

All Photos © Matt Weber

This is the photo Joe Lhota stole from me!


One thought on ““The Minnesota Strip” 1989

  1. Man! I’m having some real flashbacks now. As early teens we used to walk up to 42nd & Broadway to take in 25 cent peep shows and then mosey over to west 42nd to check out the cat houses. We never had the money to indulge which was probably a good thing, but I recall seeing girls that were my age at the time. I had an Aunt who ran a bar called Duffy’s Tavern on 41st between 8th and 9th across from the P.A. and that was a pretty active area as well. My father once told me that the owner Jack ran his own little ring in the back room of the bar during the sixties.

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