This is probably my most widely owned image because I would give it as a wedding gift and I also sold it a few times. It is also the only “important” negative that I ever misplaced for an extended period of time. After being unable to find it for several years, I finally scanned an old print and made do with a half ass file. I just found the negative and finally have an 8,000 DPI scan and can offer large prints for a decent price…

©Matt Weber

4 thoughts on ““Quiet Zone” 1989

  1. Photography is an art and it can reveal the true beauty of nature and philosophy…… and other things of a man can do or imagine……. considering these it is must to say that the click of matt weber is outrages and appropriate for expressing the actual meaning of the circumstances…….

  2. I’ve just spent a happy few days reading through your archives, and enjoyed them all. So many great shots, but when it comes to “classic” this just hits the top!

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