New scan of an older image which I had dated to the day…

©Matt Weber

8 thoughts on “Harlem December 7th 1986

  1. So this shot was taken about 3 months before Andy Warhol’s untimely death.

    Gotta ask Matt, did you ever see Warhol walking the streets of NYC while you were out and about?

    And as a New Yorker, did/do you have an opinion about Warhol?

  2. I never ran into him and only recently did I start to take him seriously as an artist…He had a lot of influence and I guess I don’t know enough about him…
    Of course this picture has FOUR Maos and wasn’t four Andy’s favorite number when he did his thing to people’s portraits?

  3. Matt, I’ve read a lot about Warhol, been to many exhibits, and seen a lot of film footage, but I don’t recall the number 4 having any significance to Andy.

    He was definitely into repetition. At MOMA you can see 32 campbell soup cans…but in addition to those, he did many other variations of the cans as well…he did at least 12 Marliyns, etc.

    Warhol is constantly being reference today, probably more than any other artist. I think he was great at observing culture and reflecting it back to us through his work. In some ways, his work has more meaning today than it did back then.

    Love him or hate him…it can’t be denied that the man was unique. 🙂

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