I was stunned when I stumbled upon this stone mile marker a quarter century ago…I’m glad I snapped a few pictures of it, as it was stolen shortly thereafter. Should have ended up in a museum!


©Matt Weber

6 thoughts on ““Revolutionary Era Mile Marker” Harlem 1987

  1. An exhibit that compliments this marker and photo nicely is the “The Greatest Grid: The Master Plan of Manhattan, 1811-2011” at The Museum of the City of New York until July 15th.

    Great photos of Manhattan before it grew into THE concrete jungle and also amazing original maps of what they ultimately applied as the grid system we know today.

    Side note: there’s also a fun photo exhibit in the entrance-way hall featuring truck drivers’ arms resting outside the driver’s-side window while waiting at red lights in Manhattan.

  2. I questioned its validity as well (“fun exhibit”) but the entire theme of the lower level, northwest side of the museum dealt with repetition.

    The MCNY has become one of my favorite museums in the city. They take chances with some of their exhibits, but that’s what makes it unpredictable as well. Last year they had a Joel Grey exhibit that featured not only his original Cabaret costume, but numerous awards, a timeline of his career, and numerous photographs he’s take that have been published in books. I was particularly excited about this exhibit because two days later I’d seen “A Normal Heart” on Broadway and up to that point, had no idea Joel Grey directed the production. It just all seemed to connect so well.

  3. I remember Joel Grey published a large book called “Photographs I had to take” and there’s usually a few interesting pictures to peruse in any famous person’s memoirs since they knew many other “people”
    I still have a problem disconnecting Joel from his 1972 role in Cabaret which left an indelible impression on me as a teen…Liza also suffers the same way in my memories…

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