If the economy doesn’t improve soon, the homeless population may increase to the levels of the 1980s when the rents almost tripled in just three years from 1982-1985…


© Matt Weber

2 thoughts on “Upper West Side 1989

  1. “We were blessed by the homeless man / Who showed us the way home / Blessed by the hungry man / Who filled us with love” (Lucinda Williams)

    What more can I say, Matt? A sad image. History repeating. An angry image because it’s making me angry that there are a few earning a lot of money even in the times of economic recessions while the majority i suffering & loosing. Thanks for this photograph. Thanks for the statement, Matt!

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  2. Powerful photo, Matt.

    What makes it really effective are the opened eyes of the man.

    We can only imagine what is running through his mind.

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