Street Photography © Matt Weber

4 thoughts on ““Denny’s Ice Cream” Coney Island 2011

  1. This one is special. I love the girl – clearly the icecream man is equally enamoured by her. Do you mind sharing if you shoot film? How do you get this tone in your shots? I am a street photographer from Mumbai. I would appreciate if you could visit and leave feedback too. Your work is a great inspiration to me.

  2. Thanks Mayank! I shoot TRI-x and I decided to use a little sepia toning in Photoshop just so the woman would pop out a bit. The sepia looks a lot like her actually color and it works OK
    in this picture. It still looks fine in straight B&W but I see no reason not to do a little fooling around since the rest of the world is now embracing HDR which is usually used much too heavily…

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