© Matt Weber

4 thoughts on “CBGB’s 1989

  1. What a great photo to come home to! 🙂

    Just walked by the old CBGBs the other day….love the Morrison Hotel Gallery, but I couldn’t get in because they were preparing for an Alicia Keys CD release party for the next day.

    I was there a couple years ago to check out Bob Gruen’s exhibit…which was amazing by the way. As luck would have it Mr. Gruen stopped in while I was there, so I bought one of his books and he was kind enough to autograph it for me. Super nice, down to earth kind of guy.

    Did you ever partake in the festivities at CBGBs, Matt?

  2. Greg, I wish I could say that I had spent a lot of time there, but I only found myself there four or five times. I have a friend who lives downtown and saw every band that mattered there,
    I did meet Bob Gruen and also watched him work a couple of times. He is a mild mannered guy who has taken a ton of great photos…

  3. Matt…thought you’d want to check this out if you haven’t already…

    The Strange Poetry of Coney Island:

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