As I continue to search for images which I may have overlooked twenty years ago, I am constantly coming across some pleasant surprises. This sign was an iconic part of Times Sq. for several decades. Once again, I do have a master printer who has kindly offered to print my work at a reasonable price. Archival Pigment Prints of most of the images on this website, can be purchased. Just e-mail me for a quote…Thanks!

Street Photography © Matt Weber

2 thoughts on ““Howard Johnson’s” Times Square 1988

  1. Whereas I was in total agreement with your advice to Dave Beckerman about his site becoming too “sterile” … your site doesn’t promote the fact prints are available for purchase, Matt, at least not obviously so (if you don’t mind my saying so).

    Is it possible to have a “Buy Me” button under each print so people can purchase it on the spot without having to navigate your site to figure out how to complete the sale?

    I love your site, but to the average visitor, it almost seems like a trip down memory lane with all the gorgeous photos you’ve taken throughout the years.

    Feel free to ignore my comment…but I was happy to see your little reminder in today’s photo description that your photos are actually available for purchase.

  2. Dave has been looking for the perfect mix as far as his audience is concerned. He wants all the tech people who only care about equipment, but realizes that he built his brand with interesting stories that often had little to do with photography. He has finally come up with a new formula which will serve all, very well. I am not there yet. Dave may one day help me set up a “For Sale” page and he has even offered to do the printing of my images for me at a very fair price. I am not totally useless with computers, but Dave was a programmer in a previous life, so he can do a lot of stuff I can’t. I’d love to sell a few prints per month
    to make my life better. It will be a project I hope to tackle soon. I’m working on a SP documentary and all of my free time has gone into scanning many of my older negatives…Thanks for the input Greg!

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