An old favorite which I need to re-scan. This is a very old and mediocre scan from a darkroom print. Zoo York made T-Shirts from this photograph a few years ago…


Street Photography © Matt Weber

6 thoughts on “Times Sq. 1988

  1. I was lucky enough to move to NYC before these babies disappeared. There were rare enough, though, that if, for example, it was 1985 and you went to Uncle Steve’s on Canal Street to buy a small TV to take back to Brooklyn, you’d stand out at the curb for ten or fifteen minutes waiting for a Checker to come by so the TV would fit in the trunk.

  2. I remember Uncle Steve’s but Crazy Eddie had the lion’s share of that market back then. I see the actor who screamed their “prices are insane” all the time walking around the upper west side.
    Being a cabbie for over twelve years, the checkers were my enemy. They would pull up behind me after I got to a fare, and gently tap their horns once or twice. The fares would almost always
    say sorry to me and hop in the checker. They drove like an old pick up truck and were not fun to drive, but made you at least 10% richer…

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