As she lunged towards me, I guess I stumbled back a step or two. I was shooting at a 60th of a second and at that speed any movement will render an image mushy. I still think the emotion of the moment survived the motion of my retreat…

All Photos © Matt Weber

7 thoughts on “Subway Times Sq. 2011

  1. Wow! What kind of anger does someone so young have to be harboring to have that kind of reaction? I hope I never experience that while taking pics!

  2. The moment definitely comes through. I’m always surprised when people react poorly to my camera. Mostly, it’s just a scowl and sometimes a shouted “whatchoo takin’ my pitcher fo?” Once, I was chased onto a Hartford city bus for taking a shot. But even then, I don’t think I’ve been close enough to really feel in danger.

    Sometimes all you can do is get the shot, right?

  3. Sometimes I get a blurry shot and sometimes I just forget about it and either split or try and talk my way out of it. It depends on who’s threatening you. Sometimes you can call their bluff and other times your basis instinct to survive, takes over…

  4. I guess I’ve always figured if I’m going down, at least I’m going down shooting. Of course, we’ll see what happens when that’s actually put to the test. I fully expect to wuss out completely.

  5. Sometimes you do the wrong thing, but usually the “Lizard Brain” takes over and if you’re truly facing someone who can manhandle you, you usually do your best to wiggle out of what could become a tragic mistake. Street smarts are your best friend, and believe me, I’ve made a few mistakes and it I think it’s best to err on the side of safety…

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