Fourth rule is: Eat kosher salamis!

All Photos © Matt Weber

8 thoughts on “Lower East Side 2009

  1. Matt…my first visit to NYC was in June 2001.

    Since then I’ve visited every summer since 2005. My favorite section is the lower east side, simply because it seems like one of the last areas left of the “real” New York, or at least my ideas of what it was like 30-40 years ago.

    Do you have any recommendations of other locations in NYC with similar “energy” for lack of a better word?

    By the way, I did the Deli thing last summer. My goal was to hit the top 5 delis in Manhattan. Katz was on my list as I’d already walked by it several times on previous visits.

    I was so freaked out by how much food they gave me at my first stop, I never made it to the second location on my list. 🙂

  2. Well Greg, every place is being gentrified as we speak, except for parts of the Bronx. I don’t know tha Bronx very well. I haven’t had a car for the past four years and no longer see the whole city. Coney Island which is being overhauled as we speak, is still a neighborhood that hasn’t changed much. Just the amusement area is being cleaned up while the actual neighborhood is left in decay…

    1. Greg, Had your deli quest continued you might have been surprised at the size of the sandwiches served at the Carnegie Deli at 55th St. & 7th Ave…

  3. Matt…I didn’t explain my experience very clearly. 🙂

    I should have stated I never actually ordered food from Katz’s due to my first deli experience.

    As luck would have it, Carnegie WAS my first stop. I got carry-out and walked up to Columbus Circle to devour it. I didn’t even get half way through the sandwich and I had to throw the rest away.

    I felt very guilty, wasteful and couldn’t imagine myself doing that 4 more stops on my trip. 🙂

    As far as “old” NYC, I tell as many people as I can if they’ve never seen NYC, they’d better go soon before there’s nothing left of it.

    I’m sure you’ve seen the Vanishing New York blog…it makes me even more regretful I never made it to the city when I was old enough by the mid 1980s.

  4. Carnegie first…that makes sense, but the other half would have been dinner…As far as”Old New York” goes, there were the times I got held up as a teenager and had to fork over my lunch money, so it wasn’t always fun!

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