When the temperature dips down into the teens, I start looking for something which represents the summer, and Coney Island always seems like the logical choice…

All Photos © Matt Weber

2 thoughts on ““White Trash Beautiful”

  1. Wow, what the…??? Any story here? You and your mini stealth cam are so perfectly suited for capturing these instant fleeting nano-moments it’s incredible. With the Howitzerblad you’d miss 90% of the shots you make on instinct, and would get so frustrated that you’d pitch it in the ocean within ten minutes.

  2. As much as I tease you about your bulldozer of a camera, we both have gotten use to the tools we have. This is a good example of mini-cam speed. While I was waddling around the beach snapping away, you might have been patiently taking your famous picture of the ventriloquist & his buxom babe…

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