It’s not often I find a picture which has to be displayed upside down…I tried all the other options and was satisfied that this one’s best…

All Photos © Matt Weber

7 thoughts on “Coney Island 2010

  1. Amazing website – huge. This image must be frustrating for you though – great subject, but awkward composition- Straight away, as a viewer, I wanted to turn it… is that why you felt compelled to comment on it being upside down?
    Just read your last comment and realized what had happened… with your natural instinct for composition- had you seen the head you would (maybe) have framed differently? Looking at it yet again though – you probably wouldn’t bother showing it if the head wasn’t there… or even taking it. Weird man – one of those- you must have been aware of something there.

  2. Thanks Mick! If you always knew when you had stumbled upon something special, then the proper care and expertise would almost always be used. I just snap away and hope for the best…The surprises which follow after developing the film, “are priceless”.

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