I saw the negative and it reminded me of someone else’s picture. Maybe at this point in time, 99% of what I shoot is bound to look familiar. Even then, each image is a new document or “piece of art” despite being almost an exact replica of another artist’s efforts. Even worse, many of the pictures I take are doppelgangers of my own…

That said, I like this image regardless of all the nonsense I just sputtered.

All Photos © Matt Weber

2 thoughts on “Coney Island 2010

  1. It doesn’t remind me of anything else, but then I’m not the walking encyclopedia of photographs that you are.

    This image is about as timeless as can be, it could have been taken at any time in the past 50 years. Seems that when you shoot b&w, that is one of the qualities that you seem to bring to what you do. And, this is what makes your overall body of work as unique and significant as it is.

  2. Thanks Mike! I think my mind is cluttered with too many images. I love books and have such a large library that for everty picture I’ve taken, there’s at least another one floating around in my memory that belongs to someone else…If I was a computer, I’d just wipe the hard drive clean and start anew…

    As far as the color goes, I’ll never be able to discard B & W completely, but color is a fun challenge, and fun is suppose to be what this is all about…

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