In 1972 I was a fourteen year old kid studying art (oil painting) with an old Russian couple who lived in a tenement on 110th St. Nicolai Abracheff was a contemporary of Picasso and also an early cubist. I was still dabbling with photography. This was one of the last rolls of film I would shoot, with one exception for the next 12 years…

1972 was also the year that the film “Across 110th Street” was produced.

All Photos © Matt Weber

7 thoughts on ““Across 110th Street” 1972

  1. Gorgeous shot, Matt.

    Any regrets about taking a 12 year hiatus from shooting? Creativity generally seems to work that way…when the time is right, ideas appear.

  2. Giant regrets! The ’70s were a time when I could’ve taken some amazing photos of New York and its still diverse inhabitants. I’m doing the best I can to make up for lost time…Thanks

  3. I am collecting information about Nicolai Abracheff, who spent a couple of years in Brazil, with his brother Ivan, in the 20’s. Would you be willing to pass me by e-mail further information/recollections you may have about him?
    He was a Bulgarian and his wife, Lidia, was Russian.
    Briquet de Lemos

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