All Photos © Matt Weber

2 thoughts on “Coney Island 2009

  1. Is Gods political affiliation democrat, republican or green party? And what team did he/she actually bless in the last Superbowl? Is God a champion of the underdog or does he/she lean towards the sure bet? The two young ladies appear to have been blessed; they’re both very happy. Or has some strange destructive Dionysian spirit allowing their passions to run amuck possessed them? Who is the man in the beret standing next to the green 55-gallon drums? Is he God? What’s in the drums? Perhaps they are filled with blessings and God in all his infinite wisdom and beret has just administered a dose to these two joyful creatures. I would have to deduce that the man with the “God Bless America” tee shirt is one of Gods sales reps engaged in the pursuit of rounding up some more potential customers. It’s a big job, but he looks determined…

    Mr. Weber, one of the things I enjoy most about your shots is the vitality you so often capture.

  2. I do try to catch “Motion & Emotion” and sometimes I get lucky. There is an old saying that luck is the residue of design…Makes sense I guess…Thanks!

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