Thirty years ago I decided to try and liberate every single Coke button and other vintage advertising sign in the tri-state area…I almost succeeded and all these years later I still don’t know why I spent so many late nights probing for these artifacts, while many of my friends were having the time of their lives at the night clubs downtown.

I like this view of a rundown neighborhood where almost everybody knows everyone on their block and the next few over…

All Photos © Matt Weber

One thought on “Harlem 1985

  1. It’s funny, because I expected the business to be up and running back in 1985, but the ‘then’ and ‘now’ shots (at least as far as the state of the luncheon) is just the same. Do you know much about when this place closed down and why no one has taken it over? (Am I right that the B&W shot is from the 80s but the color photo is from the present day?)

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