“Empire Checker” 1988-9

I remember being excited with this view as I wiggled back and forth behind this checker, trying to line up the Empire State Building for this image….Unfortunately I underexposed this frame badly and can’t get a great print / scan from this negative. This view was gone shortly thereafter as the new office building has blocked the majestic “ESB” and I guess I’m lucky to have this picture at all…


©Matt Weber

“Downtown” 1989

Hey, this picture might work well on the cover of an LP but CD’s have replaced them years ago. Wait a minute, MP3s are the, no make that MP4s are the format…Maybe I could crop the image a little more from each side and put it on the cover of a book, but Amazon has changed the game with their Kindle, and books are suddenly selling less than their digital counterparts. I guess I could reformat it for the I-Pad, but how long do you think that will be the rage?

How about an “Archival Pigment Print” created by a master of the art of Zhee-Clay printing?


















Street Photography © Matt Weber