“Brooklyn Streetball” 1989 (New Scan)

Stickball-Brooklyn-1989-8000 copy

I finally finished scanning the majority of the older work I did back in the ’80s last night. I have plenty of current work and some medium format stuff I’ve been avoiding, and I also have a huge amount of my “Prime” negatives in need of being rescanned…I’m still relieved to have gotten through this portion of my work which has taken me over two years!


©Matt Weber

Brooklyn 1990

As I continue to search my older negatives, the overall feeling I get from the New York of twenty years ago is pretty depressing. This might be one of the better portraits I’ve done. It’s a sad one. Not as bad as the images we’ve all seen from third world countries, but this is New York and a twelve year old boy shouldn’t be out late at night training to become a squeegee man…


Street Photography © Matt Weber