Street Photography © Matt Weber

6 thoughts on “Brooklyn 2009

  1. A rare color shot…but so appropriate. Beautiful color schemes going on in this pic.

    Even in color it would be difficult guessing what year this photo was taken if you hadn’t included the date. Looks like it could be as early as the 1950s or 60s.

    Enjoy your holiday, Matt.

  2. Thanks Greg…I was with Boogie a photojournalist from Serbia who lived in Brooklyn. It’s almost too obvious, but I’ve always liked cliche’s…

  3. I always pass this when I’m going to work and I’ve been temped to photograph it also but I always stop myself cause one thing I learned is never photograph in Williamsburg because with all the countless photographers that live or hang out in the area some one most likely already photographed it.

    It’s a beautiful shot! The colors are breathtaking.

    1. Well, I might make it to Brooklyn once a year if I’m lucky, so I don’t have the luxury of self control. Even in Manhattan, if I see something old I shoot first, because it may be gone tomorrow…


  4. If I photoshopped the Prius out of this image, it would have a timeless feel to it, but I hate doing that…The Prius makes the storefront all the more of a find in the 21st century…

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