Photographing NYC for 25 years in mostly black & white and for six of those years I was driving a New York City taxicab. I never stage photos, so what you see here actually happened.

Urban Photos was my website for the past ten years and it was badly designed. Hopefully the various categories will make surfing this site easy and pleasurable.

I am also a close confidant of the “immortal” Dave Beckerman, owner of the first photography blog in the known universe. (who suggested that I build this site and donated many hours)

My book the Urban Prisoner is still in print and if you want to purchase a copy please contact Sanctuary Books

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  1. I enjoy your work. I am an aspiring artist myself. Started with tattooing and I have recently moved into photography because of a good friend from Canada who freelances for a living. Long story short, I would love if you would take a look at some of my work and lend me your voice of knowledge. Respect your work, and would love to hear any feedback.

    1. People who insult others are showing their own insecurity and jealousy. Matt is very talented and there will always be small minded people who are jealous of that talent.

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  2. Your photos are incredible not just as memories and works of art but also for research. If you ever consider adding “tag” categories may I recommend breaking down by decade?

  3. I worked as a medic in times square and hell’s kitchen in the 1980s and 90s. These photographs bring back so many memories. They capture that era perfectly. I worked nights so it’s all in black and white in my memory too. Thanks for posting them!

    1. I arrived here by way of James Maher’s blog and somehow ended up listening to an interview with you about the highs and lows of rent control (and photography of course). When I saw it was an hour I thought there was no way I would make it through but you were so authentic and funny ya hooked me. I, sadly, am one of the millions that are cluelessly flooding the streets with our shiny DSLR’s. At least I wear the camera around my neck and am not in NYC! Just wanted to say your photos really matter because they document the lives of people that would otherwise never be seen or remembered. That counts for something, right? Not to mention I think you could make bundles giving short lectures at some lecture in Park Slope. Yuppies pay good!

  4. Several people have been asking me who the homeless veteran you photographed is so they can help him.Did he sign a photo release or anything?

  5. Are you still around? A friend just sent me the photo you took of Hope St tunnel. I used to live there and it was the first proof we could find of it. Remarkable work!

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