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One thought on “Protest 11/13/16

  1. The Joke is on America and Americans, Trump is a President made by force is is not liked, is a Hateful and Racist Dictator who fuels more Hate through his derogatory speeches and Rallies like Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, yet uneducated Americans support him and his Dictatorial policies and get mesmerized by his hate Speeches and Hate Propaganda. Donal Trump has full support by the vilest Bigots in Humanity. \here we see instead of people cheering and rejoicing, people condemning this President whom they don’t want, and many other people throughout the world also. It is also a shameful and disgraceful failure on the part of the American Government to give Full Executive Presidential Authority to a Psychopath and Mon-Maniac and Megalomaniac. Also Trump is financed and sponsored by the hateful and vengeful The Mandatory STATE O\F ISRAEL who are only good at BUILDING WALLS OF IGNORANCE and PRISONS and treat innocent people like Criminals and Prisoners instructed by their wrathful and fiery and short-tempered God.

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