bmt-man-1988-print-copy©Matt Weber

One thought on “WALL St. 1988

  1. No. 223 – Inside Job (2010)

    I am watching “ Inside Job” a documentary about The Global Economic Crisis of 2008 which cost Tens of Millions of People their savings, their jobs, and their homes. The Film was directed by Charles Ferguson and sold by Sony Pictures.

    What astounded me, well it’s not surprising, that the Architects, and Law Benders, and Congressmen, and Chairmen who orchestrated the Laundering Symphony NEVER went to Jail, and were NOT available for comment in the documentary but the Agents were Charged and Incarcerated. It was so funny watching the congressional hearings, like witch-hunts, in which the Congressmen were grilling the agents for the fraud, but not the Real ARCHITECTS which Included Reagan, Bush. Sr., Bust Jr. , Clinton, Alan Greenspan, Paul Volcker, George Soros, Eliot Spitzer, Barney Frank and many many other Intellectuals and Magicians and Illusion Artists. So the real Devils were on the loose, like Spirits in a Material World, yet grilled were the Muppets. It was so comical, I used to think that Congressional Hearings were so democratic and powerful, but now I have seen it for what it is Just a Cheap Facade Circus and Masquerade just like the rest of Politics and Politicians and their Ego Trips. The Real People who designed the Labyrinth, The Real Architects, and Builders, and Chief Executives, are hiding in it and relaxing in luxury and getting so high while the Muppets are in Jail.

    Now isn’t that something😉

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