Kareem Abdul Jabbar was still known as Lew Alcindor when he attended Power back in the early 1960’s…

©Matt WeberPower-Memorial-1985 copy

3 thoughts on “Power Memorial High School 1985

  1. Matt,
    Can you give me the address where Power Memorial High School was located? From your picture, the school was torn down…right?
    I am helping a friend who graduated from Power Memorial High School in 1975 and we are attempting to get a copy of his high school transcripts…
    Any info you may have will be helpful..
    PS Interesting images!

    1. Jack Power Memorial was located 161 West 61st Street on corner of Amsterdam Avenue, Today six buildings are on that site that include luxury co-op buildingsand a brand new Dormitory for Fordham Law Students, School transcripts used to be kept in Rice High school but in closed in 2011 and all materials should be in All Hallows High School 111 E164th street Bronx N.Y. 10452 718-293-4545

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