AKA “Nudes & Nuns”

I was shooting with a friend of mine when I took this one, and we both were hoping they would get together a little closer. I think I caught her moment of recognition, as she turned around quickly. Maybe she attended Catholic school as a girl?

©Matt Weber*Times-Nudes-Nuns! copy

4 thoughts on “Times Sq. 2015

  1. Brilliant shot, Matt! Last week someone on your blog commented that NYC provides the image and you just have to shoot your camera. No disrespect, but I couldn’t disagree more. It’s about knowing when the moment is “right” and having the motivation/inspiration to take a photo (no matter where you are located). I was just wondering if, as a photographer, you ever have the fear that perhaps you’ve piqued and your best photos are in the past. Photos like this one and several other new photos you’ve posted recently clearly indicate that is not the case. Your blog has the advantage of mixing old NYC with the new and that makes it extremely unique. Thanks for sharing your images and I’m sure you serve as major inspiration for others…certainly include me in that mix.

  2. Greg, That’s avery good question, and I do hate to even go there, but when I have a dry spell for more than a few weeks, I start to fill myself with self doubt.
    It only takes one good picture to make me feel better, but its amazing how the “What have you done for me lately” thing takes over sometimes….Thanks!

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