michael-Jordan-matt-weberI’ve been watching the 2014 NBA finals and Lebron James is clearly the league’s best player, but the Spurs are the deepest and best coached team I have seen in a long time. Their ball distribution is the best and they are so selfless across the board that they can win when Duncan or Parker have an off night. I wonder how the 1991 Bulls would have matched up against the Spurs. Would they have had an answer for Michael they way they’ve managed to slow down James? This picture shows Michael just splitting through the Knicks like butter. The debate over who’s better, Lebron or Michael is a good one, but I think Michael is still the greatest player of all time…

©Matt Weber

One thought on “Michael Jordan 1991

  1. jordan is probably the best, fiercest ever. but i can guarantee this: when lebron goes to the rim in 2015 he isn’t splitting the likes of kiki vandeweghe and gerald wilkins. it’s a lot tougher path 25 years later, thanks, in part, to coaches like pops.

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