Ten years ago I said that there would eventually be a tiny lens in someone’s baseball cap and a hard drive the size of a pack of cigarettes which would allow someone to shoot a video of their whole day at high-res. So I wrong about the delivery system as it turned out to be a pair of shades. It’s still a bit disappointing to see technology come out with something that can literally replace a skill which you’ve worked hard at for almost thirty years. Once upon a time photo re-touchers used airbrushes and were extremely talented and well paid for the service. Along came Photoshop and they all were unemployed. I rarely get paid to shoot pictures, but if someone has a file with over 70,000 pictures in it at the end of the day, can he fail to capture a few decisive moments along the way?

This guy wasn’t happy with me taking his picture but I think he knew that he was the future, and I was just the past…

©Matt Weber

6 thoughts on ““The Future”

  1. The whole thing is disturbing on many levels, but the future always bothers those who are stuck in the past or event the present.Things move too fast because as soon as you feel comfortable,
    you get pushed forward in ways you never imagined. Much of the futuristic technology is good, but some, such as one’s privacy is difficult to deal with…Gotta roll with the punches.

  2. Hey Matt. Thanks for taking my photo. I actually had no problem you taking my photo. It’s a great one because it was natural. I don’t recall me noticing too much. Next time feel free to give me your card. Wish I wasn’t three is days late on this one. Feel free to reach out to me if you have more questions on Google Glass. Thanks.

  3. I hope in ten years we look back and wonder, what were we thinking. I hoped that Keith could explain what´s the deal with these ugly glasses.

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