playground-nyc-matt-weberI spend thousands of dollars I don’t have on film. I take many of the same pictures over and over again. It does seem pointless at times, but then when you least expect it, you strike gold. I know this isn’t an important image, but it satisfies me on a few important levels, and that is good enough for me. I looked at the negative through my loupe and I immediately knew this one would print like a dream. She isn’t my kid, but she was as cute as Shirley Temple…

Switching hats: “What’s that? You want two 16x20s? Very good! Yes shipping will be via Fedex and I can have them ready in just a few days…Thank you so much for your order sir!”

I think for lack of a better option, Italics should be mandatory when being sarcastic, as there are too many people who lack a decent sense of humor…

©Matt Weber

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