Ibby-SmashPoint-2012 copy©Matt Weber

8 thoughts on “Montauk 2012

  1. you like jeff wall–nice guy–great work by me

    bruce gilden—know him—cant believe he gets so close–his breath is awful–hope his daughter’s ok–she was runnin pretyy wrong a few years ago–but hey, we know well of running wrong

  2. glad you didnt larry clark the day–his pix feel evil, where the kids were just playing

    i sat next to him at a dinner a couple yrs ago–he had a very young boytoy along–whole act felt sordid and wrong

    that’s all

    1. last one–sorry to hear you had a tough divorce–jokes of ragbag come to mind, but ill spare you–bad marriage and divorce myself–not funny
      your daughter looks very well, and it’s great that she is a good student–we had the gifts, but swatted them away–you sound like a good dad–she will be fine

  3. get off the street for a moment and see “ragnar kjartensson”
    hope you didnt miss woodman last fall
    btw i like the kid who fell with her scooter too–powerful moment for the child, run through with adreline–fear, relief, pain, captured at exact moment

    shit i gotta work

    nuff this

    be well

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