matt-weber©Matt Weber

3 thoughts on “Self Portrait 2012

  1. I guess street photography is the topic today. Is this is the second blog of actually came across talking about street photography. Either way have always had a love for street photography but is something that I never do what developed a knack for. I just never felt called cripple picking up a camera and taking photographs of people in the quiet moments of their life.

    I can go on hectic scene of structure fire or vehicle accident and it doesn’t bother me at all the street photography? Despite the beauty and elegance of many of the photos just not something I’ve never felt comfortable with and I wish that was so.

  2. Shot was taken this summer…I never feel totally comfortable when I leave my house, but then as the day wears on, I get into the rhythm of the street
    and things just start to make sense photographically…

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