I wasn’t even fifty when I took this but I’ve always been aware of how abbreviated our time is, and sometimes I wonder why the reward for a lifetime of work is, pain…

©Matt Weber

4 thoughts on ““Enduring Life” 2006

  1. “Getting old isn’t for sissies.” ~ Bette Davis

    A lot of what makes getting older more difficult than it perhaps need to be is dependent on whether or not we take care of out bodies through nutrition and exercise when we are younger. Technically, we’re supposed to eat well and exercise throughout our entire lives. Granted, there’s a little thing called genetics that creep in from time to time, but it’s important not to use that as an excuse NOT to take care of ourselves.

    If you have any time invested at a gym (public or at home) as far as toning your body through lifting weights (heavy or light) you immediately notice a difference in people’s bodies comparing those who do and don’t lift. The older we get, the results, or lack of, are even more apparent.

    I’ll never forget a quote by, of all people Jean Claude Van Damme, who said American’s were more concerned about what they put in their cars than they are their own bodies.

    Of course mindset has a lot to do with life in general as well. Some of the most positive people I’ve ever met are the ones facing the greatest obstacles. They have a greater sense of appreciation than the average person.

  2. Well there’s no arguing with the “Muscles from Brussels” but unfortunately many poor people end up eating at McDonalds and thinking that Wonder bread is part of a balanced diet.

    I wish I took my diet more seriously when I was young, but part of being young is thinking you’ll live forever without doing anything to insure longevity…

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