I didn’t take many pictures in East Harlem and I was surprised to find this one…It includes the famous Italian restaurant Patsy’s. I never ate there but its suppose to have the best pizza money can buy…

©Matt Weber

8 thoughts on ““Minor Mayhem” Spanish Harlem 1986

  1. When I see photos like this one, especially with kids in it, I always wonder where are these kids now? Are they still in NY? For whatever reason I’m interested in finding out.

      1. Absolutely and who made it out of their rough upbringing to accomplish great things in their lives

  2. I love this photo Matt.

    I had to laugh because in the description you’re talking about pizza and all I can do is examine the street “fight” taking place – trying to figure out what the deal is. Looks like kids having fun, but the guy taking a fall might be thinking differently.

    A great scenario in a perfect setting…looks like a movie set.

    Good stuff!

  3. I lived I that building one of the boys faceing the camera is a twin it’s been a long time I have no idea what became of them. Living in that @ that time was rough with all the drugs going on

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