Actually this was 47th Street A.K.A. Duffy Sq.

©Matt Weber

2 thoughts on ““Times Sq….42d Street” 1986

  1. We used the top of that Panasonic sign as our balcony, once upon a time… On the tenth floor there at 701 Seventh Avenue was the “Toast Factory,” where I lived for a stretch — designing, building and then helping Ducey run a recording studio in ’78 and ’79. That entire line of windows over the sign let out on a slat-iron landing. We had a commanding view of Times Square, as well as Central Park up Seventh Avenue to the north. Around the corner of the sign, we could look along 47th Street to the Hudson River and New Jersey to the west and Queens in the distance to the east. We also partied on the roof. Good times!

  2. I remember going to visit someone there, maybe Ducey or Dave Collins a bass player who lived there for a stretch….You guys sure did find a sweet spot! Then again, maybe I was visiting Chuck?
    Its been too long…The view was special, that much I do recall…

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