After midnight if you could afford a cab, you probably were better off hailing one, than venturing down there…


©Matt Weber

2 thoughts on ““Subway Entrance 42d Street” 1986

  1. This photo and your comments immediately reminded me of a news story I read online several months ago about “Utah tourist Brian Watkins being stabbed to death in the Seventh Avenue – 53rd Street station by a gang of youths. Watkins was visiting New York with his family to attend the US Open Tennis tournament in Queens, when he was killed defending his family from a gang of muggers. The killing marked a low point in the record murder year of 1990 and led to an increased police presence in New York.”

    Yikes…no glamorizing the “old” New York in that story.

    Hard to believe it was as recent as 1990. I’m assuming most tourists today take their safety for granted.

  2. True but there were and are smaller cities with far worse murder rates per capita…Newark NJ always led the majors in car theft for some reason…Baltimore was
    and may still be out of control. I’m not certain but I read that Camden NJ is also near the top crimewise…As money becomes scarcer, desperation rears its ugly head…

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