This picture does have some staining from uneven development, as it was before I’d figured out the proper amount of inversions for medium format film. I still was very pleased to find this frame after so many years…


©Matt Weber

3 thoughts on “42d St. Blizzard of 1986-7

  1. I didn’t know you ever worked in medium format, Matt. What camera did you use? Do you use it still?
    BTW, I’m having a gas catching up here. This is a much better presentation than Google+ (though I still wish you were posting all these in flickr). I should be commenting on every one, they’re all so good and all so interesting.

  2. Thanks Joey! I had a Pentax 6×7 which I use to keep on my front seat while driving the taxi…Too heavy a beast to carry when walking very far.
    I like the G+ slide shows but I’ve never figured out the web, so my opinion isn’t well thought out.

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