Life in New York before Giuliani was different to say the least…


©Matt Weber

6 thoughts on ““For Sale” New Scan

    1. So jealous we are very much back to scoohl I spend every day that scoohl is closed trying to show my kids the world outside of scoohl. Every year it gets harder and harder to send them back to the box. They are learning math I could never imagine doing, they dont learn spelling like I remember, and Boy, can my kids take a test! Every day I go to work and load my bus up with children and while I adore my job and the kids, I am losing faith in education as we know it. What type of world are we really preparing them for? Jobs are outsourced and college degrees mean less and less..So to all of you who are brave enough and courageous enough to NOT go back to scoohl, I raise a toast! (organic green tea with honey I promise!) Know that there are some of us who wish we could do what you do.. and are working on trying to follow in your footsteps!

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