It was the right after the final game of the ’91 playoffs and the Bulls were about to win their first of six titles with Michael…I hocked my most sacred possessions to get a first row seat. Watching my Knicks eliminated was a drag but watching Michael was worth it (Sort of)  The look on Patrick’s face is priceless as Michael is telling him there will be other years for him to win…There never was a way to get past Michael, and when the knicks finally made it to the finals in ’94, Olajuwon and the Rockets crushed Patrick’s dreams once again. Pat Reilly might have noticed that Johnny Starks was a bit off that night, but that’s another story…


©Matt Weber

4 thoughts on ““There’s always next year Pat!”

  1. Great shot! This was around the only time in my life when I watched sports-basketball only (long after Steve when I pretty much had to watch boxing)
    You captured a deeply human moment here.

  2. Definitely one of my faves…surprised you didn’t bring this one out earlier to be honest. I’m tempted to say it’s your best…

  3. Thanks Andrew…I don’t shoot sports or celebrities, so this is sort of an anomaly as far as my work goes…However, it is the type of moment I still look for on the street,,,

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