I remember when this rather large mosque was being built and wonder how the upper east side would have reacted if this was after 9/11….Would it exist or would the outcry have been enough to make them build it elsewhere?

©Matt Weber

4 thoughts on “Mosque 1989

  1. Islam is not a religion, but a cult and Muhammad was its lone, self proclaimed prophet, and Allah was his Demonic Illusion. Muhammad was a liar, pedophilia, mass murderer etc, if you find these allegation shocking. See the evidence yourself here:- http://www.thefalseprophet.co.cc
    I bet if you prove me wrong, I m ready to remove my site..

  2. Whatever you say. I don’t like any organized religion and don’t believe in prophets, false or otherwise….If I’m wrong, I’ll burn like all the believers have forecast…

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